Vote Frye for Wichita Mayor on August 1

A lifelong Wichitan and devoted servant leader, Bryan Frye has a dedication and focus to keep families safe, protect taxpayer dollars, and improve quality of life

> No Hidden Agenda
> Proven Track Record
> Genuinely Motivated
> Vision Driven, Action Oriented
> Passion for Moving Wichita Forward

Vote Frye Aug 1

Experience. Know-How. Vision.

Bryan Frye will continue to lead initiatives that bolster public safety, infrastructure, and quality of life, while pushing for budget reforms that put the needs of the taxpayer first.

Meet Bryan Frye

Meet Bryan Frye and hear how your vote for Frye will make a difference to families across Wichita.

He is the most competent and caring candidate for Wichita Mayor and is asking for your vote on August 1st. 

Focused Forward

Frye can hit the ground running with collaborative efforts on day one to:

Protect Taxpayer Dollars

• Hold the line on property taxes
• Realign spending with community priorities
• Take care of needs before tackling wants

Balance Enforcement with Compassion

• Stabilize police staffing to protect our people
• Improve emergency response times
• Address mental health and homelessness

Move Wichita Forward

• Break down barriers to economic opportunity and stability
• Champion neighborhoods & public spaces
• Prioritize efficiency, transparency, and action

Wichita Made.
Wichita Motivated.

Why am I seeking election to serve Wichita as your next Mayor? Simply put, I’m blessed to be a Wichitan and it’s my hope others are proud to say the same thing.

Wichita is my home.
My parents were introduced to each other in Wichita, my brother & I were raised here,
I met my wife here, and together, we’ve raised two wonderful kids here.

I’ve helped raise millions of dollars for non-profits in Wichita.
I’ve served on boards & volunteered thousands of hours in Wichita.
I’m honored to be elected nearly 8 years ago to represent northwest Wichita.

I give you my history in Wichita to share how much it has blessed me with good fortune and opportunities. It matters that you know WHY I am over WHO I am so, when I say I am here for all the right reasons, you can believe it. 

Frye needs your support

Frye needs your support to win the primary. Would you please help by contributing to his campaign? Contributions up to $500 per election cycle are allowed from each individual, business, &/or organization.