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“Public safety crisis in Wichita?” – KSN


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – At least two members of the Wichita City Council are sounding the alarm, saying that there’s a public safety crisis. With recent violent crimes and a possible officer shortfall on the way, some are saying that we need to spend money now.

“It’s pretty clear what’s happening in Wichita right now, and we have a public emergency,” said Wichita City Council Member Bryan Frye on Monday.

Frye, who is running for mayor, says the city needs to consider spending some of the City of Wichita’s projected $12.6 million surplus for the next budget cycle on hiring and retaining cops.

In a public media forum Monday, Frye pointed out that the Wichita Police Department needs about 100 more commissioned officers. And the current recruiting class, says Frye, has only ten potential officers.

“It’s simple math,” said Frye.

He is not alone.

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BizTalk with Bill Roy Podcast:

Bryan Frye, Wichita mayoral candidate


“He said he keeps young Wichita adults in mind as he thinks about his mayoral run, wanting to keep our talent at home before they want to explore elsewhere.

Frye is the only challenger to mayor Brandon Whipple from the Council bench, having represented west Wichita’s District 5 since 2015. He’s been on the inside for many recent projects, including the Northwest Water Treatment Facility. He wears the title of “Mr. Water” proudly.

He has also served his neighborhood, district and city on many volunteer boards. He lends an interesting perspective to how city government functions and why there are opportunities for it to perform better.”

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The Wichita Chamber Endorses Frye


“Frye is a two-term Wichita City Councilmember who knows the city hall operations unlike any other. He clearly knows how to manage the state’s largest city and articulates well what’s right with Wichita and what needs to be done by the city’s next mayor to move us forward. Frye’s approach to city governance has been steady and professional. Wichita needs a mature and knowledgeable leader to realize its full potential. Frye excels at both.

The Chamber PAC values the working relationship established between the Chamber and incumbent Mayor Brandon Whipple. However, Mayor Whipple’s track record raises concern regarding his suitability for a second term as Wichita’s top elected official, and does not align with the best interest of the business community.”

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2023 Wichita mayoral primary guide: Where are candidates on the issues?


What are your top two priorities as mayor? How do you plan to implement them?

The first duty of government is to protect its citizens, now and for what’s next. We must continue to invest in a police force and fire department to keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe. We will improve response times by stepping up recruitment and retention efforts to fill open positions. We prioritize budget dollars for pay, training, connecting social/mental health workers alongside police officers, and expanding the Integrated Care Team (ICT-1). It’s comfort in knowing that water, roads and facilities are dependable, maintained and supported. We focus on fixing the needs before tackling the wants. Finally, it’s about jobs. Keep Wichita open by building an economy with a variety of employment opportunities.

My vision for Wichita is to cultivate a shared focus for work and play. We do it with common sense fiscal management, determination and forward thinking that has all neighborhoods represented. For Wichita to be at its best, everyone should feel welcomed and included. A community that embraces each other as neighbors is inviting, open and transparent.

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